What Is Asynchronous Messaging?

We have entered a new era in which customers prefer to connect with brands in their own time using their favorite messaging channels. Asynchronous messaging allows for exactly these capabilities, empowering customers to interact with brands on popular messaging channels such as WhatsApp, Facebook, SMS and more.

Asynchronous vs Synchronous Messaging

Most live chat solutions are ‘synchronous’, meaning that both the customer and the agent need to be active and present in the conversation for it to continue. With live chat, there is also no way to save conversation history, meaning that customers will need to answer the same question for context if they need additional assistance with the same issue.

Asynchronous messaging on the other hand fits perfectly with today’s popular methods of communication. Participants can start, pause and resume conversations at their convenience. They have the flexibility to communicate back and forth immediately or at their leisure and both the agent and customer have access to the conversation history for context.


Why the need for asynchronous messaging?

A welcome alternative

85 % of Millennials admit to apprehension & anxiety when it comes to making phone calls. 81% feel they have to muster up the courage to make phone calls. 

Maintain relevance
The shift away from phone calls is evident as reports show that 75% of millennials avoid phone calls because they are time-consuming. To maintain relevance you need to shift also.
Superior consumer benefits
Your customers can remain mobile and continue with their day instead of waiting on hold for an opportunity to speak to your brand or waiting in a live chat,

What asynchronous messaging means for brands


Not all customer support teams can operate around the clock 24/7. Asynchronous messaging allows for customers to leave a query and agents to answer this when they are back online. In this way, the query is not lost.

Enhanced Customer

With access to conversation history, issues can be passed between team members without agents having to ask the same questions again, this leads to increased rapport with customers. The chat can be reopened and answered at the customer’s convenience, much like talking with a friend or family member.


Drive increased sales and long-term growth for your business by providing customers with the convenience and efficiency that asynchronous messaging provides.

Increased Agent Efficiency
& Productivity

Empower agents to manage more conversations in less time, prioritise their workload more effectively to focus on more complex issues. Because agents aren’t required to remain present in a single chat, they have more time to consider the best solution to the customer issues they are working to resolve.
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