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Quickly deploy Generative AI with no-code helping customers and agents, gaining a competitive edge

How does Generative AI Work

in Customer Service?

Generative AI powered by LivePerson operates seamlessly within a customer service environment to enhance the overall experience.

Leveraging advanced natural language processing and deep learning techniques, the system can understand and generate human-like responses in real-time.

It analyzes customer inquiries, identifies their intent, and generates appropriate and personalized responses to address their needs.

This AI-powered technology continuously learns from customer interactions, adapts to new patterns, and improves its performance over time.

By utilizing Generative AI, businesses can provide efficient, accurate, and personalized support, leading to higher customer satisfaction and optimized operational efficiency



Enriched Answers

Enriched answers are great because they don’t just depend on one top-scoring article. 

Regular answers come from a single article, while enriched answers use information from all relevant articles, additional data, and some context from the conversation

This broader approach helps the service create a more natural, warm and superior answer using Generative AI.

AI Search

The best part? There is no complicated setup needed, AI Search works right away. 

Just add your content to the knowledge base, AI will create several articles adn they will be ready for you to  connect them to your bot or set them up with intents.

Unlike basic searches, AI Search doesn’t just match words – it understands what the consumer is trying to say using language models. 

It’s also smart about context, handling tricky words like homonyms and different ways of saying the same thing.

Intent Manager

When customers ask for things or have questions, we group those into different categories called “intents.” 

For example, some common intents are checking order status, making a payment, or resetting a password. Intents help our bots be more flexible and handle a variety of customer messages. 

Instead of looking for specific words or patterns, the bot uses a smart engine to figure out the customer’s main request. 

So, if you teach the bot well with different ways customers might ask something, like “I want to know about my bill” or “Can you check my account?” – it will give a consistent response no matter how customers phrase it.


Unlock the power of

Generative AI

It’s a very valuable addition to enhance customer interactions and improve efficiency. 

  • Reduce Costs 
  • Available 24/7
  • Faster Issue Resolution
  • Personalized experiences
  • Continuous Improvement 
  • Quick & Consistent Reponses  
  • Training & Knowledge Sharing 
  • Increase Customer Satisfaction 


LivePerson’s Generative AI technology is designed with a strong focus on safety and security.

Generative AI with Safeguards means that you control what websites, articles, and documents the AI model gathers the information from making it a safe and robust solution.

With rigorous measures in place, LivePerson ensures that the AI system adheres to ethical guidelines and respects user privacy.

Prioritizing transparency, accountability, and fairness in the development and deployment of its AI models.

By incorporating robust mechanisms for data protection and anonymization, LivePerson safeguards sensitive information and maintains the confidentiality of user interactions.


Live Assist for Microsoft Dynamics 365 has partnered with Live Person so you can start using Generative AI in your environment quickly and in a secure way. 

Implementing Generative AI is very easy, once your generative AI model is trained it’s connected to the chatbot framework enabling a seamless interaction between the AI model and your chatbot. 

If you need help of an expert, CBA (Communication Business Avenue) has in-house professionals who specialize in AI implementations to ensure a successful integration.  


See it in action

See for yourself how Live Assist for Dynamics 365 can help you reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction.


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