End-Of-Support Policy For Live Assist For Microsoft Dynamics 365

This policy covers software subscription services and application programming interfaces (APIs) for CBA Live Assist for Microsoft Dynamics 365, hereafter referred to as “Live Assist D365.”

Generally, the end-of-support date marks the “official” withdrawal of technical support for a CBA product or specific versions and releases of a product. For a given major version of Live Assist D365, CBA will provide at least six (6) months’ notice prior to the end-of-support date. A major version is identified by the first number in a release of Live Assist D365. For example, Version 3 corresponds to Release 3.14.2.

End-of-support notices will help you plan your software upgrade and migration strategy. They will be posted on our website and communicated via email to the email address on file for each customer who is licensed or subscribed to Live Assist D365.

During this six (6) month notice period, CBA will not deliver any new enhancements or upgrades to the given major version of Live Assist D365, but will continue to provide bug fixes for service-affecting issues. END-OF-SUPPORT DATES AND TERMS ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE. YOU CAN CONFIRM DATES AND TERMS BY VISITING OUR WEBSITE.

After the end-of-support date, CBA will no longer deliver any maintenance releases, bug fixes or patches for the given major version of Live Assist D365. Extended support may be available on a case by case basis for an additional fee. Specific features or the entire version may become permanently unavailable after the end-of-support date.

As an example, suppose Version 4 of a Live Assist D365 API is released on July 1, 2019, with Version 3 identified as end-of-support on January 1, 2020. CBA customers and partners who subscribe to or work with the API for Version 3 will receive an email notification from CBA no later than July 1, 2019. The email will highlight the end-of-support date for Version 3 and provide recommended next steps, such as upgrading from Version 3 to Version 4. Between July 1, 2019 and January 1, 2020, bug fixes for service-affecting issues will continue to be fixed in both Version 3 and Version 4. Customers and partners may be required to upgrade to Version 4 of the API to resolve non-service-affecting issues in Version 3 during this period.

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